The Modernist Cocktail Mixer

ALl Natural × spun with Love


A scientific approach to the traditional cocktail

The concept started with a quest to find a brunch mimosa that was elegant and retained the beauty of the bubbles in sparkling wines. When fruit juices were added to the sparkling wine, the wine was clouded by pulp. We started experimenting with using various sodas instead of fresh fruit juices. This eliminated the cloudiness left by the fruit pulp; however, the added soda made the drink too sweet or left an unnatural taste.

Inspired by Dave Arnold's book, "Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail", a.k.a mixology was born. Using a scientific approach and modern technology, a.k.a mixology's homespun juices reduce the time and effort in crafting perfect cocktails, while enhancing the flavors in fruits and vegetables provided by Mother Nature.  No more cutting, muddling, and straining to craft the perfect cocktail. Just add alcohol and ice, stir and pour. It's that simple. Make the perfect cocktail every time with minimal effort. 

Our juices are fresh, natural and spun with love in small batches. We can help you customize mixers just for your establishment. 


About the Owner

Alicia Kim, a former process engineer and high school physics teacher, is a food and drink enthusiast. She likes to take pleasure in finding out how things work and to unwind with cocktail or two.  A.k.a mixology combines her love for science and entertaining.  








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