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Falernum (fah-learn-um) dates back to the 18th century. This spiced, sweet and tart syrup adds an irreplaceable zing and complexity to tiki cocktails and other tropical drinks. Use it in cocktails in place of a sweet and sour mix or drink it on the rocks with club soda. 

Keep refrigerated to extend the shelf life. 

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*For special events or if you are a restaurant or bar, please contact alicia@mixologyscience.com for bulk pricing and delivery options.

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The a.k.a Lynchburg Lemonade Cocktail

1/4 oz #aka_mixology_falernum
2-3 oz club soda or a lemon-lime flavored soda
Garnish: lemon wheel

*Best served with 1 oz whiskey and 1 oz triple sec

In a glass filled with ice, add ingredients except soda and stir. Top with soda and garnish with lemon wheel. Give the drink a quick stir before enjoying.

Wait'n for Summer

1 oz #aka_mixology_clarified_strawberry
0.5 oz orange liquor
0.25 oz #aka_mixology_falernum
2 splashes angostura bitters

*Best served with 1.5 oz vodka and 0.5 oz orange liqueur

In cocktail shaker filled with ice, add ingredients. Stir until well chilled. Strain into chilled martini glass.

The Mixologist's Crown and Coke

0.25 oz #aka_mixology_orgeat
0.25 oz #aka_mixology_falernum
Club Soda

*Best served with 1.5 oz Crown Royal Maple and 0.5 oz Fernet Branca


The a.k.a mixology margarita

0.5 oz orange liqueur
0.5 oz a.k.a mixology falernum
Garnish: Lime wheel and salt
Rim glass with lime and salt. Add ice and ingredients. Stir until well chilled. Garnish with lime wheel.

*Best served with 1.5 oz tequila blanco

Falernum Manhattan

0.25 oz #aka_mixology_falernum
dash of Angostura bitters
*Best served with 2 oz rye
-Place ingredients in cocktail shaker filled with ice. Stir until well-chilled and properly diluted! Dilution is very important here since you want to tame the hardness of the rye.
-Strain into chilled coupe and garnish with lime zest.