What is clarification?

Clarification is the process to make a liquid clear by removing suspended solids. Natural fruit and vegetable juices have suspended particles that allow light to scatter in random directions, causing a murky appearance. Gravity filtration is time-consuming and will not remove finer particles. A centrifuge can accelerate the rate of sedimentation by applying a rotational force many times greater than that of Earth's gravity. 

Spinning at high speeds comes at a cost. The act of spinning creates heat due to air friction, which can alter the flavor of the juices. The Old Spinster is equipped with refrigeration prevent the juices from overheating.

Why use clarify juices? 

According to Dave Arnold's book, "Liquid Intelligence", clarification alters the texture of drinks by removing solids and reducing body, an aspect of cocktails that is often overlooked.

Arnold also states that clarification not only looks good, but is also necessary for good carbonation. Clarified juices will reduce foaming, or frothing, when mixed with carbonated water by reducing nucleation sites for the CO2. Think about how much faster it will be to make mimosas?



It's centripetal motion, it's rotational bliss.

The Old Spinster applies 4000g's of force to separate the suspended solids from liquids. 


Homespun Juices

Our clarifying technique produces a clear, almost colorless fresh juice. We hand juice the citrus to order. Clarified juices are sold in convenient 750mL screw cap bottles with no added sweeteners or preservatives...what Mother Nature intended. 

Unpasteurized clarified citrus.  ~LIME~LEMON~ORANGE~GRAPEFRUIT




Custom Elixirs
~We will work with you to create a custom drink mix for your bar or restaurant. 

Cocktail Mixers

~"Artisanal Grenadine" - All natural, hand-crafted in small batches using 100% pomegranate juice. A balance of flavors without artificial colors and flavors. You can taste the difference.
~ "Tonic Syrup" - Handcrafted with cinchona. No HFC's here. Just add soda water to the syrup for a delicious tonic water. 
~"Botonic Syrup" - Artisanal, handcrafted tonic syrup infused with botanicals. Just add soda water to the syrup to elevate your gin and tonic. 
~"Almond Orgeat" - Artisanal, handcrafted using real almonds and pure cane sugar. This syrup is essential for adding a nutty flavor to cocktails such as the Mai Tai. Use it to sweetened coffee, tea, and or add sparkling water for a refreshing nutty drink. 
~"Pecan Orgeat" - Did you know the Texas state tree is the pecan and was designated the health nut of Texas in 2011? Made with roasted pecans and a little bitter orange peel, this handcrafted syrup can be used to give your cocktails a Texas twist. The syrup adds a bit of praline flavor to your favorite beverage or cocktail. It is also delicious on pancakes and ice cream.
~"Gomme Syrup" - A very concentrated simple syrup used in classic cocktails. Use this syrup sparingly to sweeten and soften the alcohol's flavor while adding body to a drink.  The result is a drink that has a silky texture and full mouthfeel. The syrup can be used in salad dressings as an emusifier and sweetener. 

Cocktail Enhancers

Acids are becoming the new bitters for cocktail artists. The four elements of a cocktail is a balance of alcohol, sugar, acidity, and bitterness. Our acid solutions are packaged conveniently in 2 oz. dropper bottles. Adding a few drops of acid to your cocktail can balance the acidity without changing the flavor. 

~"Champagne Acid" - A solution of tartaric acid and lactic acid. Used to mimic the taste of champagne. 
~"Pucker up" - Malic Acid solution. Use to mimic apple tartness. Malic acid is more tart than citric acid and should be used sparingly in cocktails.
~"Brighten up" - Citric Acid solution. Use to mimic lemon tartness. The fl
avor of citric acid can add a sour note without having to introduce citrus juice. 
~"Tart Temptress" - Tartaric solution. Use to mimic sour grapes. Tartaric acid can be used to  adjust the pH in cocktails while delivering a tartness.
~"Just add salt." - 20% Saline. 2 oz. Refills available. Add a couple of drops to enhance the flavor of the cocktails.
~"Pump It Up" - 2 oz. empty bottle with fine mist spray nozzle. Fill with your spirit of choice. Spritz on top cocktails to give an aromatic sensation without changing the cocktail or use to coat the interior of the glass with liquor.